Can We have it All?

Dear Readers,
Many women I know complain about excess of work or low pay, other women I know complain about the non understanding from male community what is to be a woman. Some of women I know complain about gender discrimination. Many women I know do not complain just because they accept what is unacceptable others accept what must be accepted. Some career focused, some family focused, some coping as they can, some developing and growing as they should but definitely there some trying to find the perfect middle between family guilt and job guilt. The guilt between leaving the working day in the job too early and arriving to home too late. That humanity, that self reflection and that dance between the fullfilment i call it enlightenment. Check Indra Nooyi Video here Indra Nooyi Pepsico CEO


Breakthroughs it is what I want to write about… Since 2014 that I did not have a breakthrough like today. I would like to share this story as it will be part of the my next book coming soon.
We pass part of our lives with closed eyes. Part because we are asleep and other part because we choose to be asleep. We are asleep because our beliefs are not strong enough and what we say it is always depending on the weather or when the conditions are “perfect”.
We say the word work, without working in awareness, we use the word love without loving in action, we use the word belief without sharing it, we use the words mission and vision but we gave up at the first event of difficulty. We have closed eyes, imagining that our neighbours have a better or a worse life…
I’ve received several amazing emails from some participants of my courses… It was clear for me: We have inspiring people in the world, with difficult conditions and choosing to love and to believe in a future.
“Some” people do not advance because they do not take responsibility of their own feelings or daily happiness / unhappiness. They, the “some people” live with such a own self centrism as their problems are absolute … like nobody else is living. “Some” people forget to love their families when they have their problems, they forget that we may have only one more day, when their life is not as they wanted, they just take for granted.
I saw in 2010, I saw 2011, I saw in 2012, I saw in 2013, I saw in 2014 that solution of belief is the verb “To give”, just to give as much as we have as there will may not be another opportunity for that. It seems that there were some years I was asleep as well. That is why people exist to reminds us of the “us”.
One week ago I’ve received the sad news that one of my friends died with 41 years old with a cancer. A friend I’ve shared common life, a friend I’ve shared dreams, trips and illusions. My sorrows are inside and the way to express it is to continuing loving every day what is around me and not “forgetting” a single day to express it in different forms, different formats, different skills and in different views.