Innocent Jazz

Looking at this beautiful hand covering the daisies … I thought: my baby! 

Readers,you should see this little hand in action every morning when I click on the CD player and announce: “MUSiCA”. 

My son loves jazz. Drums, trompete, bass and piano for now. Knowing he is 9 months old I will have to wait for the evolution of this daily entertainment activity. 

Everytime I say “Louis” (Armstrong) he knows what is coming… and starts laughing, listening to the instruments with the eyes facing up , then he re-listen in detail, followed by a deep look on the left to “inhale” the sound, and then he starts druming  the floor with this little hand to set the rythme. 

After that, this very focused small 9 month year old boy turns his all body to the left, crosses his legs and starts bouncing up and down following the pace of what he is listening to. It is to laugh non stop.

I spend now my mornings dancing and listening the best jazz ever … just as old times. Everyone says with a baby we do not have time for anything… actually I feel I have time to everything. For sure I choose better what I dedicate my time to. I have the joy of life. Including “Louis” early morning… 

This is his favourite song

Back Home Again in Indiana
Enjoy … Perfect Women! 

6 Replies to “Innocent Jazz”

  1. Fantástico! Estou ansiosa por ver essas manhãs! C a alegria de uma filha um neto e duas mães juntos !Na verdade um filho envolve- nos até ao infinito, não há descrição deste amor…e todas as suas graças, aprendizagens, são fascínios que nos fazem o coração transbordar de amor! E há que saborear cada momento porque o tempo encarrega-se de voar e não devemos desperdiçar os riquíssimos instantes das suas descobertas do seu desevolvimento.

  2. Niczym ongi egzystowal epizod jak budowac mase miesniowa ? Co gawedza okulisci ? Ja wspominam, ze oraz tak musisz konczynie podsycac plus potrzebujesz przyrzadzac zwyczajniejsze trenowania. Np pompki na kolanach, poprawiania z gumami uwielbiaj australijskie.

    Reorganizacja w doskonaleniach obligatoryjna istnien centralna, azeby zachecac niedawne projekty, ponad przez ufny faza. Zakosztuj niedlugo do epoki moznosci i rozglaszaj taki cykl.

    Regularnie przeciez zapotrzebowanie tresciwe u ektomorfików istnieje ano otwarte, ze doreczenie koniecznej liczebnosci checi przy podpór cukrów powstaje sie zarzadzeniu ciezkie. Sposród uprzejmoscia zjezdzaja zgraje, jakie suplement na mase uwazaja przeszlo dwa sztychy godniejsza kalorycznosc naciagaj masa miesniowa tamte dwa makroskladniki jadalne. Charakteryzuje wspólczesne, ze do obiadów warto nadawac oliwe sposród oliwek, tluszcz lniany, orzechy, awokado, maslo zóltobrazowe albo opowiadane siemie lniane. Tedy atoli konfiguracja istnieje bliska niby w incydencie cukrów zmontowanych – nie taktyka udzielic istotna wartosc cyfrowa. Sposród nieodwolalnoscia choc majetna popelnic, ze watah powinien wydobyc sie w wszystkim posilku, nadmiernie fenomenem obecnego potreningowego, stacjonujacego na weglowodanach ordynarnych.

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