Courage in Human Maturity

There are days I reflect more about human maturity than others. Usually those days are full of empowerment, disappointment or even capacity of deep understanding. Working daily with “humans” we have only two options: to make the path of understanding or not to. I choose repeatedly the first way. It is within each human being the power to choose and change their own perspective.

In the middle of the night and in a professional reflexion, I’ve end up thinking about courage. To introspect about the need of courage to choose wanting to love or take decisions in a defensive path or a constructive one. I end up thinking about  the choice of the thoughts we want to have about one another.

Choice of courage, in my reflection, is the ability  to see ourselves as imperfects as the one in front of us, the courage to choose not to judge. The choice to be willing to care instead of ignore feelings that for sure are true inside of the ones that believe in construction.

The courage to deeply breath and decide to go towards one another. It is quite interesting that it is really true that we only have the present moment to live the love and enjoy the joy. We only have the present moment to kiss the ones close to us and choose our reality. We only have the present moment to say I understand you as I am, as you, a human being under construction.  It is true that it is easy to be happy when all is right and it is difficult to continue coherent when all is difficult. Coherence is courage. Courage to live to our values despite of the conditions.

Courage to be vulnerable, in my reflection,  is to accept that we do not know how others will respond to a candid message and do it anyway. To risk it. Courage it is needed  to continue clarification and overpassing blocks. All blocks are easy to change if we decide to.

Solution?  to change the perspective. To do so does not mean to ignore that other perspectives are there, it is to choose the best one towards construction. To apologize for a mistake or to a hurt we provoke into one another represents a steady  self worth capacity. To be able to see our own  self and therefore the capacity to improve.

Closed words of defensiveness dressed with a bride gown of pride covering low self esteem leads to exaggeration. The ability to listen to the pain and hurt we provoke to one another, even, unintentionally elevates us to the ability to offer a higher love, power and capacity. Sometimes it is just what it is needed to stay in the present. To love, as we do not know if the tomorrow will come.

Ethics in Protocol

Ethics in Protocol

Protocol is driven by standards and decisions, often hundreds or more per day. Some of those decisions are small and barely noticed while others are prominent and make the difference among the people we serve. Some require deep thought because they involve people, VIPs, brands and resources. And sometimes these factors are in conflict, creating a dilemma and perhaps significant risks. My question is, how people with no ethics can teach? or how people that cannot position themselves in tough decisions can be good brand ambassadors or protocol professionals, where courage and integrity is a must?

While protocol officers normally know what to do, how to do it can become a puzzle — especially when stakeholder interests conflict. Like all leaders, protocol officers build trust by the way they make decisions. Like one of the ISPD main experts and Former Deputy Chief of Protocol of the Austrian Chancellery, Thomas Sladko usually says, there is no Second Chances in protocol.

It is important that the, how to do it, can be doubtfull yet is instrumentally important. It is really true that there is not second chances and all protocol professionals know that. Ethics is the discipline of “how to do it best”. To guide behavior and help with tough decisions, the ISPD+ Innovation in Diplomacy crafted the Global Standards Code of Ethics, Protocol professional Conduct and an Ethical Decision-Making Framework. To deepen your knowledge and perspective, we invite you to Join the Global Elite – Professional Network and Global Community for Business Diplomacy & International Protocol

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The Impact of Ethical Decisions in Protocol

Protocol is about the others not about our selves” I usually say., When practiced to the highest standards protocol with ethics increases the quality and quantity of the global wellbeing of the people we serve and the reputation we own. When we choose a long-term decision instead of short term for a instant gratification avoid ethical shortcomings. Ethical Lapses, in a globalized world, violates international standards and common codes of conduct that often causes the loss of respect. Ines Pires

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L’entreprendre est fait des pas de progrès


Entreprendre est un chemin difficile, qui n’est pas à la portée de tous. Il y a un
an environ, j’ai dû vivre des choses catastrophiques que je dépasse seulement grâce au courage, à l’énergie et à la vision du groupe que je construis comme entrepreneur et comme femme

J’ai vécu un ensemble de difficultés tant conjoncturelles que structurelles sur mon chemin professionnel.Organisation, ténacité, vision et dynamisme sont des qualités essentielles pour bien diriger une entreprise et rebondir dans les chemins difficiles.

J’ai une histoire à vous raconter, une histoire que j’ai mise pendant un an dans les pages d’un livre, un chemin à partager, pour ceux qui sont à l’écoute et un projet auquel je vous invite à faire partie. Dans la peur personne ne vous entend crier.

Kisses For Free
A brief of business transformation

Photo by Ines Pires

Innocent Jazz

Looking at this beautiful hand covering the daisies … I thought: my baby! 

Readers,you should see this little hand in action every morning when I click on the CD player and announce: “MUSiCA”. 

My son loves jazz. Drums, trompete, bass and piano for now. Knowing he is 9 months old I will have to wait for the evolution of this daily entertainment activity. 

Everytime I say “Louis” (Armstrong) he knows what is coming… and starts laughing, listening to the instruments with the eyes facing up , then he re-listen in detail, followed by a deep look on the left to “inhale” the sound, and then he starts druming  the floor with this little hand to set the rythme. 

After that, this very focused small 9 month year old boy turns his all body to the left, crosses his legs and starts bouncing up and down following the pace of what he is listening to. It is to laugh non stop.

I spend now my mornings dancing and listening the best jazz ever … just as old times. Everyone says with a baby we do not have time for anything… actually I feel I have time to everything. For sure I choose better what I dedicate my time to. I have the joy of life. Including “Louis” early morning… 

This is his favourite song

Back Home Again in Indiana
Enjoy … Perfect Women!